Halloween Pre Order Time!

Dare we whisper it but ..Halloween is coming up and we know how organised our customers like to be especially with tiny glamour issues like Halloween balls and discos..:)

We are offering for a limited period only a 15% discount on all Halloween pre orders with Dainty Dizzy. What does that mean ? It means by ordering a little early we will give you a 15% discount off ANY Halloween order.  We will launch all our 2014 Halloween lines on our FB page over the next two days. Our multi layerd  “Pixie Skirt” ( £33.00 before discount) with matching black wand ( £12.00 before discount ) and pink/ black hairclip (£10.00 before discount) is pictured on this post..just one of our lovely, original designs.

What you need to do ;
– order with us by messaging us on our Facebook page or contacting us via email hello@daintydizzy.co.uk
– order from Wednesday 24th September until Friday 10th October 
– 15% discount applies to our on line Halloween range only
– sizes start at 3 and go up to 12 years
– the discount can not apply to customised orders (..sorry)

And why order with us rather than grabbing a £5 outfit from “you know where” ? With a Dainty Dizzy outfit you have a truly handcrafted piece of autumn glamour ..made in our studio in Cornwall, England.