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Ghoulishly Delightful Halloween Dresses!

Spiders, bats, spells and cobwebs... yes it's that time of year for all things spooky!


Halloween Tutu Dresses for Girls

………Spiders, bats, spells and cobwebs… yes it’s nearly that time of year for all things spooky!… We’re sure your little ladies are getting excited and will love our seasonal selection of pretty witch inspired tutus and Halloween Dresses for Girls Each one is hand crafted in the UK to add some pretty sparkle to your Halloween spirit!

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Halloween Colours

Halloween Dresses for Girls by Dainty Dizzy

Yes we know… Halloween is all about black and pumpkin orange… but does it have to be ?? We’ve added some pretty glamour to our girls halloween dresses by using pinks, golds, lilacs and purples in our outfits… and tripled the layers on all our girls dresses and skirts to ensure we keep that fun Dainty Dizzy look.

…and Halloween Sparkles!

Yes, there is a place and time for looking a little freaky at Halloween but we love doing tiny glamour – so of course we have added a subtle sparkle to each dress and skirt so your little ladies can enter any party in twinkly style!

A Ghoulishly Delightful Halloween Tutu Dress!

We asked a few tiny people what they thought might be scary but importantly pretty at Halloween… and they reliably informed us that Fairy Witches are all the rage… and so we were suitably inspired to launch a unique range of Halloween Dresses for Girls based on this idea!

Halloween Tutu Dress - Rock Chick

We have a “rock chick” fairy witch dress using pretty pastel pinks and gold colours mixed into the black. We added a pink and black hair accessory just to keep it all in tune…


Fairy Witch

We then went slightly darker with our traditional fairy witch – with a green, purple, lilac and black skirt… too cute to do any real mischief…



Rock Chick

and of course we had to add a pixie witch to the gang with a multi layered purple, black and lilac skirt. 


Fairy Witch

 our ghost fairy …with her black and white embellished all in one dress enhanced by white velour ….and a scarily pretty matching black hair accessory….we can see this outfit spooking out any trick or treat party!



A few creepy spiders!Just thought we’d throw our thoughts into the mix for a truly Dainty halloween party… and you know our type of Halloween party is going to be pretty girly… with just a little touch of magic (just don’t think about the tidying up yet…) practicality really does go out the window!

You need big amounts of glitter (sprinkle on pumpkins, decorations, cakes – edible of course!) and if the girls are old enough you could invest in some child friendly glitter make up – always a big hit in our opinion… Lots of white and black helium balloons would be fun and you can create a great effect from party streamers hanging from the ceiling. Food… needs to be Halloween inspired of course… Think spider cupcakes, ghost marshmallows, mummy cake pops, jack-o-lantern burgers, finger foods in halloween colours, witches cookies and fairy punch.

You could organise different fun activities to keep them entertained all night such as the traditional apple bobbing or sending them all on a witches hat hunt….or perhaps something creative like a “Kitty making ” activity ( they make a cat mask, collar, and tail) And the prizes don’t need to be ALL sweets (they can be… but that probably would end with you being very exhausted..!) So you could look at giving out fun medals, small scale dress up jewellery, little mini books or little Halloween decorations. Nothing scary though as some really can be terrifying in our opinion!

There’s a few thoughts – have fun !

Why choose Dainty Dizzy

We offer our customers something special and fun – be that through our customised “Designed by You” option or simply creating and delivering truly unique and lovely girls special occasion wear – for parties; ballet lessons; weddings, a school play or a trip to the theatre – just any occasion that requires an outfit and accessories that are special and unique.

Party and gift ideas

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Seasonal themed outfits

We love making a fuss over any seasonal or national occasion that requires a special outfit ….You can find out more in our blog and Facebook page.
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Accessorise Dainty Themes

Unique and beautiful accessories

And don’t forget that our tutus for girls can always be accessorised. We have a range of pretty hairclips that can all be completely matched to your dress.

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All of our skirts for girls can be purchased through our online shop so head on over to find your little girls fun tutu skirt for that special occasion! And dont forget to design your own for an even more unique purchase or gift !

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