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Our Dainty Party Dresses

Our unique party dresses are carefully designed to create a fun yet subtle "wow" factor perfect for any special occasion


Little Girls Party Dresses

We offer a range of U.K made little girls party dresses that are truly special and unique and can also be customised if required to match a particular theme or colour.

Individually handmade to order our girls party dresses have a bespoke, boutique and pretty tutu look that is bound to make you smile. Each dress is made to have just a subtle flounce – which to our mind can only make any special occasion like a party even more special for your little girl!

You Can Customise Your Tutu Dress

We are happy to create bespoke outfits for customers who need to match their garment to a particular theme or colour. This is particularly helpful when planning a wedding or specially party. Our image gallery shows off many designs we have made for Brides in the past as well as some lovely personalised party and dance outfits.

Gift Ideas

Our lovely tutu outfits are great to give as gifts too – perhaps a god daughter or granddaughter – you can be sure you are sending them a fun and stylish garment that is unique.


And don’t forget that Dainty Dizzy girls party dresses can be accessorised. We have a range of pretty hairclips that can all be completely matched to your dress. You can even order a matching party set which is a good cost effective way of ordering a complete matching tutu outfit with a personalised girls t -shirt.

Lots Of Fun!

We know from customer feedback just how much fun our little girls party dresses are to wear. Each twirl and bounce is designed to have maximum fun impact whilst having a unique design with a subtle yet renowned “Wow” factor.

Little Girls Party Dresses Of The Highest Quality

Our tutu dresses for little girls are 100% handmade in the UK – from the design to the finishing touches. All come fully lined (which adds a little rustle and bustle) and the fabric we use to add the outer flounce is soft tulle – so it won’t itch or scratch soft skin.

The standard lengths of our tutu dresses just reaches the calf which whilst being elegant is also practical and makes keeping your little girls party dress clean a much easier task! However customers can let us know if they require a specific length four their outfit and we can make it measure and fit perfectly.

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All of our little girls party dresses can be purchased through our online shop, so head on over to find your little girls perfect fun tutu dress for that special occasion!

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Accessorise Dainty Themes

Unique and beautiful accessories

And don’t forget that our tutus for girls can always be accessorised. We have a range of pretty hairclips that can all be completely matched to your dress.

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Want to See More?

All of our skirts for girls can be purchased through our online shop so head on over to find your little girls fun tutu skirt for that special occasion! And dont forget to design your own for an even more unique purchase or gift !

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