Personalised Girls Tops

Personalised girls T Shirts and leotards from only £12

  • Personalise with a sparkly name
  • Sparkly birthday age
  • Or a sparkly name and age.
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Personalised Girls T Shirts

Our personalised t-shirts and leotards can be customised with a sparkly name, age or a combination of both!

Personalised Girls T Shirts

We offer personalised girls T shirts and leotards which can be bought separately or matched with our lovely tutu skirts as a birthday party set. Little girls personalised t shirts and leotards can be customised with a sparkly name, age or a combination of both. You can choose the exact colour writing you would like from glittery pink to sparkly blue – and we will make it up to your exact specifications !

Our personalised selection of girls t-shirts and leotard style tops are ideal for birthday parties or group events, where all of the girls can wear a T-Shirt or leotard with their own name for a stylish but comfortable long day of play. Dainty Dizzy girls personalised t shirts are 100% cotton whilst our leotards are made from a cotton lycra mix. Our tops can be paired with shorts and trainers for just a day at the park, but can also be worn for dressier occasions without sacrificing your little girl’s glamorous style.

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Personalised Girls T Shirts

When buying personalised girls t shirts, customers can choose from a sparkly name, a sparkly birthday age, or a sparkly name and age. These sparkly letters and numbers add a touch of fun and glamour to our 100% cotton (Fruit Of The Loom) t shirt. You can purchase your personalised tshirt separately or pair it up with one of our fabulous tutus for the ultimate party or wedding outfit.

We also offer very reasonably priced  Birthday Party Sets. These combine our girls personalised t-shirts and leotard style tops with a Dainty Dizzy handmade tutu skirt of your choice for a slight discount when you buy as a party set.

How To Buy Your Personalised Girls T Shirt

Creating your design of personalised girl’s t shirts or leotards is easy in our on line shop. Just go to the Dainty Tops page, choose which style of top you would like and do the following:

  1. Select the age bracket your daughter (or her friends, for party events) belongs to
  2. Choose the colour of the text. You have the options of glitter pink, sparkly blue or ruby red
  3. Type in the name and the number (If any) that you wish to have printed on the t-shirts.
  4. Finally, click on the pink ‘Add to Basket’ button to begin check-out— it is that easy!

Buying as a Gift? Include a personalised message with your order

You can also add a personal message to the packaging if you are buying the personlaised t-shirt or top or outfit as a gift. Simply type your message in the ‘Customer Note’ box during check-out, and we will include a pretty Dainty Dizzy label with the package to make the recipient feel extra special.

About Dainty Dizzy

Dainty Dizzy is a girls’ clothing brand that creates fashionable yet extremely comfortable clothes for those little princesses who just love to look extra special. We offer bespoke tutu inspired tops, skirts, and dresses, which you can order quickly and easily through this website. From cute personalised girl’s t shirts to custom made dresses you can rely on Dainty Dizzy to provide your daughter with an outfit of the finest quality, comfort and style.

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And don’t forget that our tutus for girls can always be accessorised. We have a range of pretty hairclips that can all be completely matched to your dress.

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All of our skirts for girls can be purchased through our online shop so head on over to find your little girls fun tutu skirt for that special occasion! And dont forget to design your own for an even more unique purchase or gift !

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