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Girls Special Occasion Dresses by Dainty Dizzy

We offer our little customers lovely and fun girls special occasion dresses – be that through our customised “Designed By You” dress up doll or simply creating and delivering truly unique and lovely girls special occasion wear – for parties; ballet; weddings; a school play or a trip to the theatre – just any occasion that requires an outfit that is special and unique.

We don’t over rely on the sugar coatings either – at Dainty Dizzy we love being girly but we know that quality and style are just as important to our customers. This is why all our products are designed and made in the U.K. We are very proud of this ! We choose the softest material we can find to ensure that Dainty outfits are not just lovely to look at but also comfortable to wear.

Unique Special Occasions Dresses for Girls

At Dainty Dizzy we love everything to do with parties and celebrations which is why we design and make lovely girls dresses for special occasions! Our gorgeous dresses are handmade in the UK and have a very unique and special look about them which is bound to make you smile. You won’t find our unique style anywhere on the high street.

Our dresses for your girl’s special occasion have every reason to have a little subtle flounce about them too – so we have designed ours to be just that – pretty and twirly yet subtle – which to our mind can only make special occasions even more fun for little girls.

Create Your Own Girls Special Occasion Dresses

You can make Dainty Dizzy dresses even more unique by designing your own. Just click on our “Designed by You” option and you will be able to choose your own colours and embellishments and dress our Dainty Dizzy on line doll. You can then order what you create.  It’s easy and lots of fun and means you will own a completely unique and personalised special occasion girls dress.

Dresses of the Highest Quality

All of our girls special occasion dresses are fully lined (which adds lots of rustle and bustle) and the fabric we use to add the outer flounce is soft tulle – so it won’t itch or scratch soft skin. We hand tie and stitch each individual strip of tulle to a thick chest band and then add satin ribbons for secure yet elegant shoulder straps.  

The length just reaches the calf which whilst being elegant is also practical and makes keeping your special occasion dress clean a much easier task!

These special occasion girls dresses are great to give as gifts too – perhaps a god daughter or granddaughter – you can be sure you are sending them a fun and stylish garment that is unique. We will send it off all wrapped for you in our lovely Dainty Dizzy packaging.


And don’t forget that Dainty Dizzy girls special occasion dresses can always be accessorised. We have a range of pretty hairclips  that can all be completely matched to your dress. Have a look and see what you think!

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